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The lifesaver of your house (aka Smoke Alarms 101)

If there's one little device in your house that is absolutely responsible for saving your life, without question that would be the humble smoke alarm. Yup. The smoke alarm. I know you're probably thinking "of course the smoke alarm is important" - but when was the last time you checked it? They don't just magically Read More

How to avoid getting ripped off with LED lighting upgrades

We've written about the Energy Savings Certificate Scheme (ESC) recently, but have come across a situation that we felt important to warn people about. See, a lot of businesses get approached to upgrade their LED lighting - often with some really amazing sounding deals. These companies can come in and upgrade you to LED lighting, Read More

Putting in Outdoor Lights? 7 Reasons to Hire a Professional

As a homeowner, you know your outdoor spaces are just as important as the rooms inside your home. When you decide to upgrade the landscaping around your house, you want to make the space more beautiful, usable and secure. One of the best and most fundamental ways to improve your outdoors is through strategic lighting. Read More

Case Study of Recent Large Project in Oxford Street, Paddington Sydney

One of the best jobs that Faraday Group has had the privilege of working on was the renovation of a property in Oxford Street, Paddington in the eastern suburb in Sydney. This job involved the conversion of an old church and adjacent Manse (home for nuns and priests), as part of a large residential and Read More

Identify Household Appliances That Use Lots of Electricity

There's something that costs you quite a bit each year that you might not have even thought about - your household appliances! These appliances are often plugged in and running all the time, so making sure you're not stuck with an energy "vampire" is a key to power (and money) saving. 1. Look at energy Read More

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