Test and Tag Sydney

Published On: March 28, 2022

Test and Tag Sydney

Are you meeting all of your business safety obligations? Above all, your priority as a business owner is meeting regulations and compliances. Ensuring testing and tagging is complete is a part of that responsibility. So, if you want to stay compliant with AS/NZS 3760, hiring the right electrician is the place to start. With that in mind, get in touch with our team today for competitive test and tag services.

What is test and tag?

Testing and tagging are required for all Australian businesses. To clarify, any electronics, appliances and tools in your business need to pass a visual inspection for safe use on-site. For instance, anything from your staff microwave to lamps and fans should be tested and tagged regularly. Test and tag is a requirement to keep you and your employees safe.

Do I need test and tag for my business?

As an Australian business, you must comply with AS/NZS 3760 standards. However, you have plenty of options for the electrician you use for test and tag. For example, our specialist team has extensive experience in testing and tagging solutions. We complete all test and tag services as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result, you meet your obligations easily.

Professional test and tag services in Sydney

Need professional test and tag services in Sydney? Our skilled team can help. Firstly, we’ll book an appointment to test your on-site appliances and tools. Secondly, we’ll carry out all pass and fail testing. Finally, we tag all appliances and deliver a report on any fixes or changes that may need to be made. With testing complete, all you need to do is schedule regular testing to keep your workplace safe.

Cost-effective services for your business

Competitive pricing is all a part of our service. For instance, we know that businesses often don’t have a big budget for testing and tracing. Our affordable quote makes it easy for all companies to maintain safety standards. So, when it comes to compliance, you meet every necessary measure. With that in mind, we offer bulk testing and tagging to ensure everything on-site is covered.

Efficient, practical testing and tagging

You don’t have time to wait around for testing in your busy schedule. Therefore, our team always goes the extra mile to work around you. For example, we will schedule services and checks to suit your business needs. If you have equipment use requirements, we’ll work around that too. Our goal is to be as efficient and practical as possible for your business requirements.

Services that meet the AS/NZS 3760 standard

All Australian businesses are required to meet AS/NZS 3760 standards. Above all, we want to ensure your company meets every compliance required. Our test and tag service ensure you follow the letter of the law. From on-site equipment to tools, we keep you on track. When you work with our team, compliance is easy.

Test and Tag Sydney

Test and Tag Sydney

Why choose Faraday Group?

Why choose us? Our team at Faraday Group is the local service that goes above and beyond. Most importantly, we place your business as our number one priority. Our test and tag services are as efficient and simple as possible. As a result, we’re well-known for practical approach for business across the Sydney area. Here’s why our customers choose us:

Your local test and tag services

Our local Sydney service is just one phone call away. Whether you need urgent test and tag or scheduled services, we’re here to help. In other words, we’re here when you need us. Our team is up to the task from yearly checks to one-off tagging on new equipment. So, why not start by getting in touch with us today?

Professional solutions from trained electricians

Testing and tagging is a vital part of keeping your workplace safe. As such, choosing a professional electrician you can rely on is always the best choice. Our highly trained team is more than capable of effectively handling test and tag jobs. In addition, we carry out a wide range of other electrical works that may benefit your business.

A trusted partner for your business needs

You can trust us to help keep your business safe. With 65 years of experience, we can ensure that testing and tagging are complete to the highest standards. Meanwhile, our friendly team provides the best possible service on-site. Look for a local Sydney electrician you can trust? Faraday Group is the team for the job.

Get a quote for test and tag Sydney services today

Do you need test and tag Sydney services? Start by getting in touch with our team today. After that, we’ll go over our options and quote with you. As one of Sydney’s top electricians, we’re up to the task. So, drop us a line today to get started.

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