Test And Tag Office Equipment

Published On: February 6, 2023

Test And Tag Office Equipment

The average office is full of various appliances and pieces of equipment. From desk fans and lamps to toasters and microwaves, it’s vital you conduct complete testing and tagging for everything in your office. Moreover, you want to keep your workplace safe. In short, that’s where Faraday Group can help. Contact us today to get your free quote.

Professional office equipment testing and tagging in Sydney

Ensuring you test and tag office equipment is vital for your business. For example, failure to test appliances can lead to costly damage and potential harm. Hiring a professional testing and tagging electrician is the ideal option to prevent problems. Faraday Group has the expertise and training to conduct test and tag services quickly and effortlessly for your workplace.

Why test and tag office equipment?

Firstly, as an Australian business, you have a duty of care to employees, including ensuring all equipment is safe for use. Secondly, proper testing provides peace of mind and prevents accidents from happening. Finally, you can optimally protect your workplace and staff by ensuring all your tagging is in date.

How does testing and tagging work?

The testing and tagging process is simple. First and foremost, we conduct all testing on-site, causing minimal disruption. Next, we provide clear information about passes or fails. As a result, you know immediately whether equipment is safe or needs to be removed or replaced. Our process is as follows:

1. Visual inspection

We look at all of your appliances to check for faults, problems or other concerns. After this, we’ll check the plugs and safety switches to confirm there’s no immediate problem. If everything looks good, we’ll move on to the testing stage.

2. Testing

During testing, we conduct checks to ensure appliances of safe to use. No problems? Then we’ll continue on to tagging. If we notice any issues with our devices, we’ll instead flag this and create a DANGER tag to let you know.

3. Tagging

Finally, we print a full-size tag for all passing appliances. In addition, we’ll provide a list of passes and fails to you directly. Once something has passed, it remains in date until our next inspection. Simple.

Book in your office test and tag today

Do you need test and tag for your office in Sydney? Our skilled team at Faraday Group can help. Above all, we provide a professional service and deliver excellent results. Get in contact with us online or call us on 02 9809 5299 for a free quote to test and tag office equipment.

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