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good commercial electrician Sydney

How to find a good commercial electrician

It should come as no surprise that we do a lot of commercial electrical work. I mean, we’ve worked on projects ranging from fixing up some minor wiring issues, to complete shop fitouts, to warehouse LED lighting upgrades, through to revamping entire shopping centres. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a bunch of other electricians

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warehouse power saving

Power Saving Tips for Warehouses

We do a lot of work for warehouses, and they’re usually pretty good clients for us. They’re big, they have a lot of equipment, and everything has to run properly so they don’t lose money. With everyone wanting to be more green, we thought we’d put together this post to demonstrate some power saving tips

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electrical safety office sydney

Electrical safety tips for the office

If you have an office, the last thing you want is to have an employee hurt themselves. Not only is that bad for the employee, but you could be in breach of your obligations as an employer to provide a safe working environment for your employees. As much as we’d like to tell you all

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Good Level 2 Electrician Sydney

How to find a good level 2 electrician?

One of the hardest things when you’re looking for any service provider is making sure you’ve got someone good. Before they start, you have no way of telling if their actual work is going to be of good quality. Sometimes, you can’t really tell after the fact either! So how would you know if you

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Outdoor Christmas Lighting Sydney

The Safest Outdoor Christmas Lighting Options

As it gets closer and closer to the only time of the year you actually want a fat bloke in a red suit to break into your home, we get to have fun with Christmas decorations. The old Christmas Tree gets brought out of the garage, dusted off and then coated in baubles, candy canes,

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Power Box and Level 2 Electrician Sydney

What to do if you get an electrical defect notice?

There’s a feeling of dread when AusGrid or Endeavour Energy come to your house and issue you with an electrical defect. Considering a lot of the work we do as Level 2 Electricians is fixing electrical defects, we wrote up up a little guide to help. This guide outlines what an electrical defect is, common

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LED lighting upgrade sydney

How to avoid getting ripped off with LED lighting upgrades

We’ve written about the Energy Savings Certificate Scheme (ESC) recently, but have come across a situation that we felt important to warn people about. See, a lot of businesses get approached to upgrade their LED lighting – often with some really amazing sounding deals. These companies can come in and upgrade you to LED lighting,

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energy efficiency for offices sydney

8 Ways To Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Running an office can get tricky. You have staff, supplies, cleaning, and a whole bunch of other day to day stuff to worry about that most people never even think about. And if you drop the ball, you can end up with a bunch of people not working for the day. With all this day

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Cheap LED Lighting with Energy Savings Scheme

Cheaper LED lighting using the Energy Savings Scheme

If you have a business in NSW, odds are you’ve had a salesman knock on your office, shop or warehouse some time in the past few years wanting to talk about getting cheap LED lighting (they were even offering “free” LED lighting a while back). Typical scam, right? Well, not exactly. The door to door

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reduce your power bills this winter

How To Reduce Your Power Bills This Winter

Winter is coming! That’s not just a line from one of my favourite TV shows, but something that’s happening right now. In Sydney, the past few days have been getting much colder and the heating has been going full force. The problem with that – when the heat goes on, the power bill goes up! We

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Private Power Pole and Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Why Do You Need A Private Power Pole

Sometimes you don’t have easy access to your street network power supply, so a private power pole might be required. A private power pole is a privately owned electricity source that connects your house to the public power supply by running cables from the public power to the private pole situated on your property. Why

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Lightning and Level 2 Electrician Sydney

3 Ways to Stay Safe and Avoid Electrical Fires

In the 21st century, most of us are so accustomed to electricity that we don’t think twice before flipping a switch or turning on our electric gadgets. Dozens of years of innovations have made electricity as safe as possible so we can use it confidently at home and work. However, in spite of these innovations,

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Light and Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Putting in Outdoor Lights? 7 Reasons to Hire a Professional

As a homeowner, you know your outdoor spaces are just as important as the rooms inside your home. When you decide to upgrade the landscaping around your house, you want to make the space more beautiful, usable and secure. One of the best and most fundamental ways to improve your outdoors is through strategic lighting.

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Messy Switchboard Level 2 Electrician Sydney

7 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Rewire

When you purchase a piece of property, whether it’s your dream home or ideal business location, you assume that the building will last as long as you need it to. However, individual building systems age differently. Even if your property appears to be in good condition, underlying problems may hide just out of sight. One

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Birds on the Wire and Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Power Saving Tips for Your Home

Electricity is an essential part of our lives. It powers our appliances, illuminates our homes and allows us to stay comfortable throughout the seasons. We use electricity all day, every day. But with such constant use comes high energy costs. By using electricity less frequently and more efficiently, we can cut down on our monthly

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good electrician sydney

What Makes a Good Electrician

When you’re looking for an electrician to come into your home, you want to make sure that you get someone good. Not only do you want them to be able to do the job at a good price, but poorly done electrical work can put your entire home at risk! So here’s a few things

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Power Lines and Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Identify Household Appliances That Use Lots of Electricity

There’s something that costs you quite a bit each year that you might not have even thought about – your household appliances! These appliances are often plugged in and running all the time, so making sure you’re not stuck with an energy “vampire” is a key to power (and money) saving. 1. Look at energy

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