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How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home or Office

Lighting means more than just finding a bulb; lighting not only is a controlling factor in your work office or home ambiance, but lighting also has an impact on productivity and focus.  Due to technology advances, lighting bulb options now offer different features such as tailored shapes, light control, energy efficiency improvements, and color adjustment. Read More

Remodeling the Kitchen? Here’s Your Guide to Perfect Lighting

If you are considering or currently undergoing a kitchen renovation, you may or may not have given much thought to one vital aspect: the kitchen lighting. Due to the high focus on appliances, tile, countertops and cabinetry, it’s easy to see why most people forget to consider or budget for their kitchen lighting while remodeling Read More

The Difference Between Commercial Electricians and Industrial

This is a question we've heard a lot over the years. Just being an electrician doesn't mean you can handle anything to do with electrical work. Residential electricians will deal with different problems to commercial electricians, and commercial electricians will deal with different types of problems to industrial electricians. But while most people can easily Read More

Underground Service Lines vs Overhead Power Lines

Following on from our last article about Overhead Power Lines, we wanted to also touch on Underground Power and compare the two. In most new housing estates, power runs via underground service lines to each house. Not only does this make the suburb look more appealing, without cables all over the place, but its generally Read More

Our Quick Guide to Proper Pendant Lighting Placement

Pendant lights are a super popular and stylish way to add some luxury to a home without spending a small fortune. As specialists in lighting installs, we've worked with our fair share of pendant lights. We've installed some super cheap pendants, and we've installed pendants that have come from Europe and cost thousands of dollars. Read More

What is a DALI system (and why should I care)?

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a really cool system to control lights. It's based on specifications developed by some of the leading lighting manufacturers around the world. Why does that matter? Read on and find out! What is DALI? DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It's a two way communication system that brings Read More

How to work with a Commercial Electrician for your shop fitout

When you have a shop or store, the look and feel can make such a huge difference to whether customers are happy to walk through the door - or whether they try to leave as soon as they possibly can. Part of that fitout is definitely the department of your electrician, so if you want Read More

The lifesaver of your house (aka Smoke Alarms 101)

If there's one little device in your house that is absolutely responsible for saving your life, without question that would be the humble smoke alarm. Yup. The smoke alarm. I know you're probably thinking "of course the smoke alarm is important" - but when was the last time you checked it? They don't just magically Read More

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