What is electrical testing and tagging?

Electrical testing and tagging is designed to ensure your business meets specific standards. Above all, and perhaps most importantly helping to protect your business and staff from unnecessary risk. For instance, poorly maintained equipment could cause harm to employees or even result in fire or damage to your property.

What happens in electrical appliance testing?

Initially, what can you expect when you carry out appliance testing? Firstly, our experienced team provides testing services to businesses across Sydney. However, here’s how your electrical appliance testing goes:

Visual inspection

Firstly, our skilled electricians will check overall appliances and machinery first and foremost. After that, we’ll be able to confirm whether there are any concerns. For instance, we’ll check the safety switch and condition of your equipment as standard. No issues? Then you’ve passed this part of the inspection, and we can move on to stage two.

Testing of appliances

We do our test and tagging on-site. As a result, we’re able to test all appliances quickly and effectively. However, once each device is checked, you’ll receive a pass or fail. Based on that rating, we’ll then be able to print a DANGER tag or complete the tagging process. In other words, we manage the process for you so you can focus on your business.

Appliance recording and tagging

Finally, in the last stage of the electrical testing and tagging process, we print a full-size tag for all appliances. After that, the tag is then placed prominently on all tested devices. In conclusion, once a pass is in place, it remains there until your next inspection is due. Easy.


Why choose the Faraday Group?

Whether you’re looking for peace of mind or you’re after a reputable service, we’re a top choice in Sydney. Therefore Faraday Group is the ideal choice for your next test and tag:

Improved safety for your business with the experts

We take your safety seriously. Similarly, our trained electrical testers have a duty of care to you and your business. As a result, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure your safety on-site. In addition, we take our responsibility seriously as an approach electrician for appliance test and tag.

Peace of mind for all electrical equipment

Peace of mind is a must for any business. For example, an untested appliance could be a health risk to you or your business and staff. In conclusion, getting complete testing ensures better safety and reduces the risk of costly accidents or repair bills. In conclusion, it makes sense to keep your test and tagging up to date.

Extensive experience in electrical test and tag in Sydney

Our team at Faraday Group has extensive experience in Sydney appliance testing. Therefore, because of that experience and commitment, we’re able to provide an exemplary service to businesses across Sydney. Furthermore, we have an excellent reputation for the quality of work we do. From inspections and testing to advising companies, we’ll always go the extra mile. For instance, our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Book in a test date with Faraday Group today

In conclusion, if you are ready to get your inspections and testing booked? Firstly, simply get in touch with our friendly team. Secondly, we will be able to provide you with a free quote for our services. Finally, we’ll book a date to get out on-site and complete the tests.

Let Faraday Group look after all your electrical test and tag needs.

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