When is it time to call a commercial electrician?

Published On: November 24, 2021

Commercial Electricians

When is it time to call a commercial electrician?

A consistent electrical supply is essential for so many businesses to function, whether that’s lighting, refrigeration, computers or countless other aspects of daily operations. So when something does go wrong with your electricity at work, it pays to call in an expert commercial electrician promptly.

There are lots of different reasons why an electrician may be required, but more often than not, it’s one of a few common problems. To help give you an idea of when it might be time to call a commercial electrician, we have outlined a few common electrical faults that we deal with below. If you need any help with the following issues, contact a commercial electrician straightaway.

Wiring faults sorted with Faraday Group – Commercial Electrician

One of the most common issues found in commercial spaces in relation to electrics is faulty wiring. Whether it’s exposed wiring, consistent shorts in the circuit or noticeable sparks coming from a connection, bad wiring is an incredibly common problem. It’s vital that these types of issues are addressed as quickly as possible to ensure a safe and well-powered workplace. Thankfully, some of these types of faults can be simple fixes.

Old, inadequate switchboards

A switchboard serves a very simple purpose: to control the distribution of electricity throughout a building. Unfortunately, many older properties are using switchboards that are decades too old, which causes a range of potential problems.

Older switchboards are simply not capable of handling the electrical load of many modern fixtures such as air conditioning and computer servers. If you feel like you’re dealing with an older switchboard or are having unexplainable issues with new electrical equipment, it is advisable to contact a commercial electrician to take a look.

When is it time to call a commercial electrician?

When is it time to call a commercial electrician?

Fault-finding missions

One of our most common jobs is trying to locate a faulty switch or connection that is causing power issues for a business. Whether a commercial space is dealing with a constantly overheating appliance or a short circuit, leaving the problem for too long is a recipe for disaster.

If you find yourself dealing with an electrical fault, don’t try to find the problem yourself. Use a qualified commercial electrician to do the dangerous work for you – they are trained to take the risk.

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