Level 2 Electrical Contractors Sydney

Published On: February 6, 2023

Level 2 Electrical Contractors Sydney

Do you need a level 2 electrical contractors in Sydney? As a highly qualified Accredited and Authorised Service Provider (ASP), Faraday Group is up to the task. Above all, we provide high-quality electrical services to homes and businesses across the Sydney area. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Why hire level 2 electrical contractors in Sydney?

Level 2 contractors can cover a broader range of tasks than the average electrician. For example, if you’d like to repair or maintain power lines or connect to an electrical network, you’ll need a level 2 qualified electrician. Most importantly, our team at Faraday Group is highly skilled and experienced in all areas of electrics, providing excellent service whatever your requirements.

What can a level 2 contractor do?

A level 2 contractor can do everything a standard electrician can do. For example, if you want to rewire your home or need emergency electrical work, our team can help. However, level 2 electricians are also trained for more advanced electrical jobs in and around properties. For instance, these services:

Underground and overhead lines

Installing, planning and repairing underground and overhead lines fall under level 2 electrical tasks. Our skilled team can complete all service line work swiftly and safely. First and foremost, you can rely on us to use our experience and training to repair, replace and install service lines above and below ground.

Installation and maintenance of power poles

Power poles require specialist training to install and maintain. Faraday Group has that accreditation and experience. As a result, we can handle any point of attachment work necessary. So, if you plan to install a private power pole or replace an existing one, we’re the ideal choice for you.

Network connection and disconnection

Both disconnection and reconnection from the wider electrical network require a safe pair of hands. Our qualified level 2 electricians can effortlessly handle these tasks. Moreover, we ensure we meet every necessary regulation and offer 24-hour emergency services as and when you need them.

Why choose Faraday Group as an electrical contractor?

Our friendly and skilled professional electricians make us a reliable choice for level 2 electrical contractors Sydney services. In addition, our extensive training and experience mean we can tackle even the most complex jobs. So, we’re the team to call if you want a reliable electrical contractor to cover many different tasks.

Book our team today

Need level 2 electrical work? Contact us directly to book our services. Firstly, you can fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch. Secondly, you can call us on 02 9809 5299 to discuss your requirements. We’re here to help as qualified, Accredited and Authorised Service Providers.

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