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Thermal imaging electrical switchboard

Thermal imaging electrical switchboards Ever wondered how electricians diagnose electrical problems? Our team at Faraday Group utilises the latest technology to do so. For instance, our thermal imaging services allows for the swift diagnosis of various issues. As a result, we're able to provide quick repairs and safe fixes when you need them the Read More

How do I find a good industrial electrician near me?

industrial electrician near me If you've been experiencing issues with the electrical systems on your industrial site, you may be asking yourself, ‘how do I find a good industrial electrician near me?’. Thankfully, we're here to offer our expert advice and will help you find a professional industrial electrician in your area. Find an Read More

When is it time to call a commercial electrician?

Commercial Electricians When is it time to call a commercial electrician? A consistent electrical supply is essential for so many businesses to function, whether that's lighting, refrigeration, computers or countless other aspects of daily operations. So when something does go wrong with your electricity at work, it pays to call in an expert commercial Read More

Commercial Electrical Contractors

Commercial Electrical Contractors The role of commercial electrical contractors in your business If you're a business owner who needs electrical work, then it is important you find a reliable commercial electrical contractor you can count on. Commercial electrical contractors provide many services to businesses, shops, restaurants, factories, and industrial facilities and they can also Read More

Commercial Electrician Services

Commercial Electrician Services The benefits of regular commercial electrician services for your business Maintaining your premises is a vital part of keeping business operations running smoothly. Whether that is office cleaning or electrical maintenance, the benefits of keeping up with minor repairs in the workplace are numerous - from saving you money on larger Read More

commercial lighting electrician

Commercial Lighting Electrician What is a commercial lighting electrician? A commercial lighting electrician is an electrical professional who specialises in designing, installing, and maintaining all aspects of interior and exterior lighting for commercial buildings. They are responsible for everything from making sure the lights turn on to monitoring energy consumption levels to installing bespoke Read More

industrial electrical maintenance

Industrial Electrical Maintenance Why planning can help you to make the most of industrial electrical maintenance A significant amount of industrial electrical maintenance work involves emergency repairs. Resulting in electricians being called out to fix components or replace parts to make sure operations continue to run smoothly. The most effective maintenance work is performed regularly Read More

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