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3 Ways to Stay Safe and Avoid Electrical Fires

In the 21st century, most of us are so accustomed to electricity that we don’t think twice before flipping a switch or turning on our electric gadgets. Dozens of years of innovations have made electricity as safe as possible so we can use it confidently at home and work. However, in spite of these innovations,…

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Putting in Outdoor Lights? 7 Reasons to Hire a Professional

As a homeowner, you know your outdoor spaces are just as important as the rooms inside your home. When you decide to upgrade the landscaping around your house, you want to make the space more beautiful, usable and secure. One of the best and most fundamental ways to improve your outdoors is through strategic lighting.…

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7 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Rewire

When you purchase a piece of property, whether it’s your dream home or ideal business location, you assume that the building will last as long as you need it to. However, individual building systems age differently. Even if your property appears to be in good condition, underlying problems may hide just out of sight. One…

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Power Saving Tips for Your Home

Electricity is an essential part of our lives. It powers our appliances, illuminates our homes and allows us to stay comfortable throughout the seasons. We use electricity all day, every day. But with such constant use comes high energy costs. By using electricity less frequently and more efficiently, we can cut down on our monthly…

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What Makes a Good Electrician

One of the biggest qualities of a good electrician is that he is an honest person. There are many electricians who can try to rip you off, and it isn’t so easy to tell who they are. A good electrician is one who is an honest with you for the entire project, gives you a…

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Identify Household Appliances That Use Lots of Electricity

Your household appliances may be draining your wallet and costing you a fortune to use. Many appliances are inefficient with their power usage when idle, or can draw more power than needed when running. Replacing your old appliances or using them more efficiently can help reduce costs. A simple way to reduce energy use is…

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