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Commercial Electricians in Sydney

The Difference Between Commercial Electricians and Industrial

This is a question we’ve heard a lot over the years. Just being an electrician doesn’t mean you can handle anything to do with electrical work. Residential electricians will deal with different problems to commercial electricians, and commercial electricians will deal with different types of problems to industrial electricians. But while most people can easily

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warehouse electrical maintenance sydney

Top Electrical Maintenance Tasks for Warehouses

A big part of being confident that your warehouse is running as smoothly as it should is knowing that all your electrical systems are being maintained properly. The problem is knowing what you should be getting done with that maintenance, so we’ve put together this super useful blog post to help! Here’s what’s covered with

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smart meters sydney

Getting Started with Smarter Electrical Meters

As a team of smart (but so very modest) electricians, we love the idea of smart meters. But we know for many people, this reasonably new technology means they usually have no idea what they are, and have a number of questions about it. In this post, we ask and answer the questions we get

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underground power line

Underground Service Lines vs Overhead Power Lines

Following on from our last article about Overhead Power Lines, we wanted to also touch on Underground Power and compare the two. In most new housing estates, power runs via underground service lines to each house. Not only does this make the suburb look more appealing, without cables all over the place, but its generally

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overhead service line

Talking about Overhead Electrical Service Lines

Most of the homes in Sydney get their electricity from overhead power lines. Now, while AusGrid and Endeavour Energy will make sure the power lines in the street are working, they won’t have anything to do with your point of attachment, your service line, or anything to do with your home. This means that they’ll

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Level 2 Electrician Sydney

When do you need a Level 2 Electrician?

A question we get asked about a lot is the differences between a Level 2 Electrician and regular Electricians (don’t call them level 1 electricians – that’s a whole different thing). Outside of the fact that Level 2 Electricians are way better looking (hahaha – totally joking…. or am I?), there are a bunch of

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Pendant Lighting Sydney

Our Quick Guide to Proper Pendant Lighting Placement

Pendant lights are a super popular and stylish way to add some luxury to a home without spending a small fortune. As specialists in lighting installs, we’ve worked with our fair share of pendant lights. We’ve installed some super cheap pendants, and we’ve installed pendants that have come from Europe and cost thousands of dollars.

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Testing and Tagging Sydney

Testing and Tagging: Required by Law

We’re lucky enough to live in a country that has a lot of laws to help protect us. Sometimes when you’re an employer, it can feel a bit frustrating to have to comply with everything – but when the alternative is having an employee get seriously hurt, it’s definitely a good thing to comply. One

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Wifi Upgrades

Wifi Upgrades: what do you need to know?

We’ve been having a big batch of WiFi upgrades come through lately. Sometimes, it’s businesses that have issues with their WiFi and want us to fix it. Other times, it’s businesses that only have plug in Internet and want to add WiFi. Either way, in these situations our job is usually to upgrade their WiFi

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UPS Sydney

Don’t Let Power Interruptions Cost You Money

It’s awesome when everything is working, but have you ever thought about what happens when things STOP working? Power outages are a pretty common occurrence here in Sydney, and for many businesses having the power go out can be disastrous. How often are there power outages anyway? I know stats aren’t all that exciting, but

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dali certified installer

What is a DALI system (and why should I care)?

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a really cool system to control lights. It’s based on specifications developed by some of the leading lighting manufacturers around the world. Why does that matter? Read on and find out! What is DALI? DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It’s a two way communication system that brings

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smoke alarm checking Sydney

The lifesaver of your house (aka Smoke Alarms 101)

If there’s one little device in your house that is absolutely responsible for saving your life, without question that would be the humble smoke alarm. Yup. The smoke alarm. I know you’re probably thinking “of course the smoke alarm is important” – but when was the last time you checked it? They don’t just magically

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Solar System Installation

Thinking about solar? Hold up a sec!

With the way power prices are heading, getting solar is a GREAT idea. You can generate your own power, and some bills you might even end up with a credit! Amazing stuff, right? But before you rush out to get Solar installed, there’s something you need to know – especially if you have an older

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good commercial electrician Sydney

How to find a good commercial electrician

It should come as no surprise that we do a lot of commercial electrical work. I mean, we’ve worked on projects ranging from fixing up some minor wiring issues, to complete shop fitouts, to warehouse LED lighting upgrades, through to revamping entire shopping centres. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a bunch of other electricians

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warehouse power saving

Power Saving Tips for Warehouses

We do a lot of work for warehouses, and they’re usually pretty good clients for us. They’re big, they have a lot of equipment, and everything has to run properly so they don’t lose money. With everyone wanting to be more green, we thought we’d put together this post to demonstrate some power saving tips

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electrical safety office sydney

Electrical safety tips for the office

If you have an office, the last thing you want is to have an employee hurt themselves. Not only is that bad for the employee, but you could be in breach of your obligations as an employer to provide a safe working environment for your employees. As much as we’d like to tell you all

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Good Level 2 Electrician Sydney

How to find a good level 2 electrician?

One of the hardest things when you’re looking for any service provider is making sure you’ve got someone good. Before they start, you have no way of telling if their actual work is going to be of good quality. Sometimes, you can’t really tell after the fact either! So how would you know if you

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Outdoor Christmas Lighting Sydney

The Safest Outdoor Christmas Lighting Options

As it gets closer and closer to the only time of the year you actually want a fat bloke in a red suit to break into your home, we get to have fun with Christmas decorations. The old Christmas Tree gets brought out of the garage, dusted off and then coated in baubles, candy canes,

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