Smart Electric Meter Installation

Published On: May 27, 2022

Smart Electric Meter Installation in Sydney

Trust Faraday Group for your meter install

Need a smart meter installed for your electricity in Sydney? Faraday Group is the team for the job. Our team has extensive experience installing suitable smart meters across the area. Above all, we work with you to deliver excellent service. So, why not contact us directly to book your installation?

Why install a smart meter for electric?

Smart meters provide many benefits. Firstly, automating the meter reading process ensures fast, accurate results. Secondly, a standardised meter is compatible with all energy retailers, giving you access to improved services and benefits. Here are some of the key reasons for installing a smart meter:

Keep track of your usage

Not sure how much electricity you’re using? Smart meters offer a visual representation of your usage day by day. By breaking down your electricity, it’s easier to see wastage and save costs. Likewise, a smart meter allows you to identify drains and problems in your electrics earlier.

Make readings easy for bill consistency

Always forget about reading your meter? A smart system removes the human element of billing. Most importantly, your supplier receives an accurate report of your usage on time, every time. No guessing numbers or delays in receiving your bill each month.

Suitable for commercial and residential

Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from smart electric meter installation. For the typical home, a smart meter automates a household task. Likewise, for businesses, a smart meter can ensure you’re using your energy efficiently– and that you’re not left with an unexpected bill at the end of the day.

Choose Faraday Group for your smart meter install

Why choose Faraday Group for your smart meter install? As skilled local professionals, we’ve supported local homes and businesses in making their meters smarter. In other words, we’re the team you can trust to bring your meter right up to modern standards. Here’s why our customers choose us:

Your local, reliable electricians

As a local Sydney electrician, we’re available when you need us. For example, our team can arrive at your property promptly for electric meter installations. Our service is focused on high-quality solutions, and we’ll always go the extra mile to deliver results. Most importantly, we’re a service you can trust to do the work to the highest standard.

Book in your smart meter install today

Ready to book your installation? Firstly, get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a date and time. After that, we’ll arrive on-site and complete your installation quickly and effectively. No waiting around for distant appointments or vague dates. Get in contact now to find out how to book your smart electric meter installation with our team.

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