Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Are you looking for a qualified level 2 electrician? Our team of accredited electricians in Sydney ensure an excellent standard of service in everything they do. From underground services to point of attachment. We go the extra mile for our customers. If you need installations and repairs, we’re here to help make it happen. Above all, our team are here to ensure the job is done correctly from start to finish.

Interested in hiring Faraday Group? Get in touch with our team today for a free quote for our services. As qualified level 2 electricians, our team are up to the task. So, get in contact with us directly to find out how we can help you.

24-hour service from a qualified level 2 electrician

At Faraday Group, we understand that electrical defects rarely happen on schedule. Therefore, our highly skilled team are on hand day-in, day-out to help you. We tick all the boxes with experience in class 2a, class 2b and class 2c services. If you’re looking for the ideal electrician in Sydney to carry out specialised level 2 work, our team can help. Our commitment is to match the highest standards and achieve the best result possible. When you hire us, you get the best quality at a cost-effective rate – no exceptions.

What is a level 2 electrician?

A standard electrician handles standard works around the home. From lighting issues to rewires, a typical electrician covers the foundations of electrical works. As level 2 electricians, our team at Faraday Group is qualified to cover technical electrical works. In addition, we are an Accredited and Authorised Service Provider (ASP). Allowing us to carry out skilled electrical services. For instance, our team can carry out direct connections to the electricity network. In addition, we can work on powerlines and carry out underground wiring services.

If you have plans for works involving power lines, you want a qualified level 2 electrician for the job. Whether overhead or underground, an accredited team is the best one for the job. With that in mind, if you require an accredited Level 2 ASP, our team are here to help. Why not get in touch today to find out more about what we do?

What we do

Want to know more about the services we offer? As a highly qualified level 2 electrician, our team covers an extensive range of tasks. Firstly, we’ll consult with you on the exact work to be done. Therefore, we can provide an entirely tailored quote for our services. If you’re looking for any of the following, Faraday Group is the right choice for you:

Overhead and underground service lines

Faraday Group is fully accredited and qualified as level 2 electricians. Meaning, we can provide services with direct connection to service lines. Perhaps you require urgent repair on an underground service line. Or maybe, you need a trusted electrician for installation on overhead service lines. Our friendly and skilled team can ensure service line work is completed quickly and effectively. Resulting in minimal delays or downtime.

Installation and maintenance of power poles

Our qualification as a level 2 electrician allows us to handle any point of attachment directly to the electricity network. Do you require a private power pole installation? We can come out on-site and ensure everything meets Australian regulations. In addition, our 24-hour service means we are available for swift repairs and emergency services.

Skilled services across the electricity network

The versatility of our team makes us a top choice for all point of attachments work. Thanks to our accreditation, we’re able to cover a wide range of projects. Firstly, we are qualified to handle disconnection and reconnection under class 2a. Secondly, we can offer underground services as class 2b work. Finally, our team is also capable of delivering overhead services as class 2c electrical contractors.

Emergency electricians services

Need an emergency callout? Do you have a defect notices or need underground services? Faraday Group is on hand when you need us. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That commitment means we’re here to provide the accredited service you need as and when you need it. Whether it’s three in the afternoon or one in the morning, our team are ready to go. If you have an emergency electrical situation, Faraday Group can be on-site in no time.

Coverage for all level 2 electrical contractors services

If you’re looking for specialised level 2 electrician services in Sydney, we have you covered. Our highly trained team can cover all electrical contracting projects. If you have a specific goal or need, chat with us today. With extensive knowledge and experience, we can ensure you access the standard of service you need. So, why not get in touch today?

Why choose Faraday Group?

As a local level 2 electrician in Sydney, we’re the top choice for many households and businesses. Our extremely experienced and qualified team are up to the task. So, why choose Faraday Group? Here are a few of the reasons our customers pick us:

A trained and accredited local service

As emergency electricians, we know the importance of a local service. Therefore, our Sydney-based services are the right fit for our clients across the Sydney, NSW area. Our team are ready 24 hours a day. Plus our convenient locality makes even the most urgent of calls easy to attend to. If you need fast electrical services, a local company is your best bet.

Expertise in a wide range of electrical defects

Our team at Faraday Group has decades of collective experience as level 2 electrical contractors. For our clients, this means fast response and quick resolution of all problems. Our diagnostic skills and industry knowledge makes touch jobs easy. We will always go the extra mile to resolve repairs and fix issues swiftly.

Around-the-clock support

We’re here when you need us. So, whatever time of the day or night you call, our team will be on-site as quickly as possible. As part of that service, we ensure emergencies are responded to appropriately. If you’re looking for an electrical contractor that respects your needs, we’re the right team for the job.

Cost-effective services when you need them

Our competitive rates make us suitable for a wide range of projects. From emergency callouts to underground services, we’ll always charge a fair rate. With our commitment to cost-effectiveness, you get the best standard of service within your specified budget. Similarly, we are always happy to provide a free quote up-front for our services.

Need a qualified level 2 electrician in Sydney?

Are you searching for emergency electricians with level 2 accreditation? Our team are the ideal choice. From underground electric to overground power poles, Faraday Group gets the job done. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on our level 2 electrical contractors services.

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