EV charger installation at home

Published On: March 8, 2023

EV charger installation at home

Find out more about getting EV charger installation at your home, some of the benefits of having an EV charger at your home and what you need to do to future proof your property.

What is an EV charger?

A home EV charger is a wall-mounted unit that you can place on a wall that houses a charging cable or socket that you can charge your electric vehicle from. There are a few different types of EV chargers available, but as a general rule, you can expect to charge your car at anything from 3.6kW to 7kW, depending on the model of the car that you are driving.

The vast majority of EV chargers pull power from the mains, but this can depend on the setup of your home. Some people have solar panels on the roof and use the blazing Australian sun as an asset to charge their cars. Many people place their EV chargers in a garage, but thanks to the weatherproof nature of these boxes you do have the option of charging your EV outside if you prefer.

Why get an EV charger installation at home?

There are a few reasons to get an EV charger installed in your home, as there is a raft of benefits of transitioning towards an electric vehicle. Some of the main benefits of getting an EV charger in your home include:

Better for budgets

Having an EV charger at home for your electric vehicle is a much better option for protecting your budget. Charging your car at home can bring you even greater savings than that. A lot of charging points have an added fee in order to make some profit from their drivers, which means that by charging at home you’re just paying more on your existing energy tariff, rather than lining the pockets of someone trying to profit from EV motorists.


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular over time for a few reasons, with companies making their technology more innovative and efficient thanks to the developments that motorsports such as Formula 1 and Formula E are bringing to the market. Alongside these improvements, the growing brand identity of companies are bringing even more attention to the EV market.

Charge overnight

Having an EV charger in your home is a much more practical way to go about using an electric vehicle. If you are charging your vehicle overnight, you know that you have as much range as possible first thing in the morning, extending your potential range and helping you to go even further. The alternative is to find a car park that has a charging port and leave your vehicle there either overnight or throughout the day, which can be a risk if you live somewhere with relatively high rates of vehicle theft. Not only is a home EV charger more practical, but it protects your vehicle from any dangers.

The future of electric vehicles

You might think that the sheer size of the country makes a ban in Australia impossible, but there is still the potential for electric vehicles to explode in popularity across the country. They are already perfectly feasible for living in an urban areas.

What to look for in an EV charger home installation

There are several things to keep an eye out for when comparing locations to complete an EV charger installation at home. Some of these factors include:

Good reviews

Always look for a vendor with good reviews. There is nobody more honest than your fellow customers, and by seeing what they thought of the service that you receive you can make the most of your installation without having to worry about working with a rogue trader. Good reviews mean that you can trust whoever you work with.

Experience and knowledge

Having a knowledgeable and experienced team by your side is a huge asset. Not only does this mean that they understand the system, but experience means that they can adapt to any issues, having seen them before. Find out the sort of work that the team has completed before and make the most of their time in the industry by getting a better service.

A friendly face

When you’re dealing with any tradesman, good customer service is one of the first things to consider. When you’re dealing with a happy and engaging expert, not only do you receive a more enjoyable service, but you know you’ll get better support in the future. If you have any issues with your EV charger in the coming weeks and months, having a friendly face to support you can be the difference between being unable to charge at home and everything going smoothly.

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