Common mistakes to avoid during CCTV security camera installation

Published On: May 31, 2023

Common mistakes to avoid during CCTV security camera installation

In today’s world, no matter where you may live, ensuring the safety and security of your home is essential. CCTV security cameras are a popular choice for surveillance systems, as they provide around-the-clock monitoring and deter potential intruders. However, installing these cameras requires careful planning and execution to maximise their effectiveness.

In this article, we will highlight some common mistakes to avoid during CCTV security camera installation…

Not choosing a reputable company:

One of the most crucial mistakes to avoid is not selecting a reputable and experienced company for your CCTV installation. It’s essential to research and choose a company that has a proven track record in designing and implementing effective security camera systems.

Selecting the wrong spots:

Camera placement is a critical factor that significantly impacts the effectiveness of your CCTV system. Many people make the mistake of not strategically choosing the spots for camera installation. It’s important to identify vulnerable areas, such as entrances, gates, and blind spots, and install cameras accordingly. Conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine the optimal locations for maximum coverage and visibility.

Facing cameras incorrectly:

Another common mistake is misaligning or incorrectly angling the cameras. Cameras should be positioned to capture certain areas of your property without obstructions. Additionally, make sure to adjust the tilt and pan angles of the cameras to capture the relevant areas accurately.

Not establishing a budget:

Failing to establish a budget for your CCTV installation can lead to overspending or compromising the quality of the system. Determine your requirements, such as the number of cameras needed, desired features, and any additional equipment or accessories. Set a realistic budget that allows you to invest in reliable cameras and professional installation services without pushing your financial capabilities.

Installing cameras too low or high:

The height at which you install your security cameras plays a crucial role in capturing clear and useful footage. Installing cameras too low increases the risk of vandalism, theft, or damage while installing them too high might result in less detailed images. Follow recommended guidelines for camera height, ensuring that they are out of reach but can still capture facial features and other crucial details effectively.

Not considering lighting conditions:

Lighting conditions greatly impact the quality of CCTV footage. Failing to consider lighting can result in washed-out images, poor visibility in low-light environments, or overexposed areas. Conduct a lighting assessment before installation and purchase additional security lighting if necessary.

How to avoid these mistakes

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