EV Charger Installation

Published On: August 15, 2023

How to choose the right location for an EV charger at home

It may seem like a simple question, but the answer is not always straight-forward when it comes to choosing the location for your EV charger at home. Some properties, unfortunately, may not even be able to have one installed.

So how do we know what to do?

It is really very simple, just give us a call. Faraday Group will be able to let you know very easily if you can get an EV charger installed. We can also chat to you about a few things you may not have thought about like:

  • Can I get one if I am in a strata?
  • Will I need to upgrade my powerboard?
  • Will I have enough space?

As EV cars grow more and more popular the demand for charging does as well. Some service stations are offering a charging service. And chargers can also be found in other places, even car parks. But they are not always where you want them to be. So, heading out for the day with a fully charged battery can bring peace of mind and keep your day moving along nicely.

Having an EV charger at home is one sure way to make sure you only line up to charge when it’s really, really, realllllly necessary.

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What charger do I need?

Seriously, you would think we could have one system, but oh no, it has to be difficult. Like trying to find the right phone charger cable in a way. Some things to consider to make sure you get the right one to suit your needs:

  • Type of charging adapter
  • Speed of charge

After all, if you are going to get an EV charger installed, you may as well get one fit for purpose. We can help you navigate this.

Give us a call if you have any questions or need some assistance, we look forward to hearing from you.

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