When do you need a Level 2 Electrician?

Published On: August 28, 2019

A question we get asked about a lot is the differences between a Level 2 Electrician and regular Electricians (don’t call them level 1 electricians – that’s a whole different thing).

Outside of the fact that Level 2 Electricians are way better looking (hahaha – totally joking…. or am I?), there are a bunch of other differences – and they’re mostly focused on the type of work they do.

We thought we’d put together a quick article to tell you when you need a level 2 electrician compared to a regular electrician.

You receive an electrical defect notice

This is a biggy.

Energy providers like AusGrid and Endeavour Energy can give Electrical Defect Notices if your electrical installation doesn’t comply with safety standards. If you get issued with a defect notice, you’ll need an approved Level 2 Electrician to fix it and clear the defect.

Most of our level 2 work comes from people being told by the power supplier that they need us.

You have or need a private power pole

If you need or have a private power pole, then you’ll probably need to work with a Level 2 Approved Service Provider at some point.

Not only do we install private power poles, we also help with maintenance and clearing of any defects issued.

You need work done on the overhead service line

The service line is the line that connects your house to the power grid in the street. If you need work done on an overhead service line, you’ll need a level 2 electrician.

This is probably best explained with a story that happened to a client of ours. It was garbage day, and as a garbage truck was emptying a bin it crept forward. Pretty standard stuff (my bins always seem to end up half way to the next house).

Unfortunately, while it crept forward with that big claw/arm thing up emptying the bin, it happened to catch against the overhead power line. When the garbage truck drove to the next house, it completely ripped the power line from the points of attachment of three houses.

AusGrid came out and repaired the power pole and wires in the street – but they won’t do anything with your house. So we got called out as Level 2 Authorised Service Providers.

You need work done on the underground service line

Similarly to the overhead service line, if your power connects to the house underground and you need help with it, you need a Level 2 electrician.

Often, we’ll get people who want to shift to underground power lines. Usually they’ll have a property with a lot of trees, but sometimes they just don’t want an unsightly cable connecting to the house.

You need electricity meter work

This one is a bit tricky.

It used to be the case that only Level 2 Electricians could install and repair your electrical meters. But recently the rules changed and it’s back to being the domain of the electrical retailers.

So why are we saying you’ll want a Level 2 electrician for meter work? Well, the installers for the electrical retailers won’t hang your meter if you have ANY issues with your switchboard. And those issues can only be fixed by a Level 2 electrician.

So if you’re getting a new electrical meter, you may need a level 2 electrician to get your switchboard in order.


So if you have need of help with:

  • Clearing an electrical defect notice,
  • Installing or repairing a private power pole,
  • Fixing your overhead electrical service line,
  • Installing or fixing your underground electrical service line, or
  • Installing a new electrical meter,

We’d recommend getting a quality Level 2 Electrician to help!

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