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Expert General and Level 2 Electricians in Sydney

Faraday Group is a level 2 electrical service provider for the entire Sydney area. We can perform a wide range of tasks that only a level 2 electrician is certified to perform, including power pole installation and modification, public lighting and power line repairs or changes. We are always ready to answer any questions that you may have, so call us whenever you need a level 2 service provider in Sydney.

We treat every task we work on with the respect and care that it requires. This includes always following proper safety measures and ensuring that our work is solid and reliable. We take pride as a level 2 service provider, and we express this pride through our enthusiasm and commitment to our job.

Contracts for Gross Solar Metering Rebate are finishing!

Contact us on 02 9809 5299 to change your gross solar meters to Net metering as contracts come to an end.

faraday group meter boxes

Hire Faraday Group as your level 2 service provider throughout the Sydney area. We have the skills and expertise that your project requires in order to succeed. Our rates are competitive, and our work is top-notch.

Experience sets us apart as a preferred level 2 electrician for many clients. Call us on 02 9809 5299 to receive answers to any enquiries you may have and schedule your service. We are ready to be your level 2 service provider in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Level 2 Fixing Electrical Pole


  • New installations including aerial and underground service mains either directly to the front of the premises or via a pole A/turret but within 1 meter of the front boundary.
  • Alterations and additions or repairs to old cabling and service equipment which can include replacing rubberised or cotton covered cables (fire hazard), replacing service fuses and main switches so that they comply with the latest rules.
  • Upgrade of your old Meter Boxes: boxes which can be like old wooden framed to new galvanized steel meter boxes which can also include upgrade to old porcelain fuses to RCBO’s (safety switch and circuit breakers).
  • New galvanised Meter Boxes are used to protect the circuit breakers and safety switches
  • Metering, including solar net meters. When solar panels are installed onto your roof we supply and install the new solar net meter to connect to the grid
  • Granny flat metering: We make the transition easy to upgrade your board to accommodate the new metering needed for your granny flat
  • Private poles / poles (pole A) replacement or new. We supply and install new galvanised metal private power poles for new developments or rectifying defects from Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid. With new developments and/or replacing old rusted and metal poles/timber poles that are leaning and in most cases have been defected by the Supply Authorities – Endeavour Energy or Ausgrid.
  • Point of Supply, Point of Attachment, POA brackets, Facia, Rafter, Strut
  • Overhead & underground service cabling from the street
  • New Consumer Mains & Replacements: Existing consumer mains can become UV affected from age, and we are able to replace or repair these to bring your house up to a modern standard.
  • Existing consumers mains that have been defected by the Supply Authorities for reasons like UV damage to old insulations being extremely dangerous can more often than not be repaired by sleeving them. Replacement of old burnt out or cracked mains connection boxes with new consumers mains and house service connectors.
  • We can provide temporary Builders Service needed for any new developments, including a new electrical pole.
  • Including a new Pole A and metering including the builders service sockets outlets on a temporary rental basis with the Pole A installed as a permanent or temporary installation.
  • We supply service cabling for all special small service installations which can include items like Bus Shelters, Power supply for Communication Equipment, Floodlighting etc.
  • We can provide an underground supply from an overhead service meaning that there is less unsightly aerial service cables running from the street to your property.
  • Special small service: We supply lighting and power to public bus shelters around Sydney.
  • Underground supply from an overhead service (UGOH).
  • 200 amp service or greater: Appliances in commercial and industrial applications can require additional power, if so we can upgrade your business to suit your needs.
  • We provide earthing for new installations including upgrading existing premises main earthing and equipotential bonding.
  • Power Analysis using our Fluke Energy Loggers we provide reports for customers wanting to carry out checks and measures on their existing installations to determine the maximum demands or for future planning.
  • Emergency call outs to restore power can often be achieved on the one call out or we will inform you if this isn’t able to be done (if they are out of hours and replacement parts aren’t available).


Client in Glebe, Sydney

Thank you and Richard so much for all your assistance, support and attention to detail required by Ausgrid for my smart meter installation.

It was so nice to meet Richard yesterday.

You are a great team and I’d certainly recommend Faraday Group as a professional, thorough and reliable company with whom to do business.

Client in North Epping, Sydney

It was a huge relief when I found a level two electrician so close to North Epping. A mere ten minutes away from home. Richard was most professional in every way. He arrived on time, fixed the problem quickly and took my circumstances into account by charging a reasonable price. I have already referred Faraday to my friends and have no hesitation in recommending them to any future customers.

Client in Allambie Heights, Sydney

I used Faraday group to upgrade my electric meter at my home following the purchase of an older style home with a non-compliant meter and the need to upgrade it to manage a new induction cooktop. This required a Level 2 Electrician.

Pauline responded straight away to my online enquiry, and after getting the details about the job, came back with a quote and anticipated timeframe for the work to be done, which I greatly appreciated.

They were professional, courteous, showed up when they said they would and most importantly got the job done on time and to budget.

Client in North Sydney

I recently consulted Faraday Group for some guidance around a low hanging wire. A couple of options were presented including one to get our own pole – meaning the wire no longer needed to cross above our front yard but would be placed underground. Well, this was just perfect. Work was carried out professionally and efficiently. We now have a wire free place and are looking forward to years of entertainment on our new front deck without seeing the overhanging electricity wires. Great stuff Faraday. I would certainly recommend the pole option and the Faraday team.

Client in North Sydney

What a professional, thorough and reliable company with whom to do business.

I had solar panels installed and required an appropriately qualified electrician acceptable to Ausgrid to install my smart meter. Faraday Group had all the expertise required.

Pauline gave such assistance, support and attention to detail when advising me of the information required by Ausgrid for the installation to go ahead. She called to confirm particulars and to clarify information. Richard, the installer, also called to explain certain benefits, clarify my decisions and was very helpful.

Richard came to install the smart meter after calling the same morning. He checked all was in order to go ahead and installed the smart meter with precision, care and neatness. He kept me informed and answered my questions as he worked. He is a true gentleman.

Pauline and Richard are a great team and I definitely recommend them and the Faraday Group.

For professional & experienced level 2 electricians in Sydney, call Faraday Group on 02 9809 5299 for your free quote today!