What to do if you get an electrical defect notice?

Published On: July 31, 2018

There’s a feeling of dread when AusGrid or Endeavour Energy come to your house and issue you with an electrical defect.

Considering a lot of the work we do as Level 2 Electricians is fixing electrical defects, we wrote up up a little guide to help.

This guide outlines what an electrical defect is, common reasons why they get issued, some common questions we hear, and what to do if you receive one yourself.

What is an electrical defect notice?

You can receive an electrical defect notice if your connection to the electricity network doesn’t meet safety standards.

They are primarily issued by Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy based on inspections they undertake.

Why are defect notices issued?

There can be a variety of reasons why you’d receive an electrical defect notice, but the most common are:

  • Incorrect or faulty wiring
  • Recent alterations or additions to the connection
  • Trees or branches growing too close to electrical wires on the property

Common Questions

Question: Isn’t this the responsibility of the power company?

Answer: The power companies have a responsibility to maintain and repair the electricity network itself, but residents and businesses are responsible for the connection points for the service that extend onto the property. All work from the first point of connection on the property is your responsibility.

Question: I’m only renting, what do I do?

Answer: Defect notices will usually be issued directly to the household, so you need to get it to your landlord as a matter of urgency and get them started on the repairs.

Question: What happens if the defect isn’t cleared?

Answer: Any defects that are not repaired within 21 days after notification may result in electricity supply to the property being disconnected until repairs are completed to safety and service standards.

Question: If my wiring is an issue, shouldn’t that be fixed by the person that connected the house in the first place?

Answer: You’d hope so. BUT if your original contractor is unable to carry out the repairs, it’s up to you to engage another qualified electrical contractor. Consider legal action against the original contractor to try recoup costs.

Question: Can any electrician fix defects?

Answer: Nope. You need to get a Level 2 Authorised Service Provider.

What to do if you get defected

Firstly, move quickly. You’ve got 21 days to get the defect repaired.

Don’t wait until the day before the deadline, because the repairs might not being done in time!

Your first point of call should generally be your original contractor if possible. Contact them first to see if they’re authorised for Level 2 work. If they are, hopefully they can help.

Of course, sometimes it’s a wiring issue that they caused in the first place. You might not feel comfortable getting them to help.

If that’s the case, or if you’re not in touch with them, look for a quality level 2 electrician to clear the defect.

At Faraday Group, we pride ourselves on being one of the best level 2 electricians in Sydney. Contact us if you need help!

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