The Safest Outdoor Christmas Lighting Options

Published On: November 27, 2018

As it gets closer and closer to the only time of the year you actually want a fat bloke in a red suit to break into your home, we get to have fun with Christmas decorations. The old Christmas Tree gets brought out of the garage, dusted off and then coated in baubles, candy canes, angels, tinsel and lights – and whatever else tickles your fancy.

If you really get into it, you might start decorating outdoors too! Wreathes, reindeer, Santa Clause, elves, maybe a snowman, and all the lights you can imagine!

Crazy Christmas Lights

This is so over the top – we love it!

But here is where we hit the snag.

The decorations are all fine (mostly), but we hit one critical question when it starts to get darker outside….

How do you power outdoor Christmas lights?


We have all these wonderful decorations and lights, but we need power to make them go!

Luckily, there are three main options available.

Option 1: Run a power cord back into the house

Probably the WORST option, since it will mean running a cable from outdoors to indoors.

Usually people will do this via a window, or try squeeze the cable under the door.

Forgetting that it’s likely to be a trip hazard, if you don’t use shielded cables you can really run the risk of electrocution.

Option 2: Get solar lights!

Using solar powered lights is absolutely awesome for the environment (and your power bill).

During the day your lights will collect FREE energy from the Sun, which is usually enough to give you at least an hour or two operating time before they go dark.

The only issues we usually see with this option:

  1. Most cheap solar lights break REALLY easily
  2. If it’s a cloudy day, you won’t have lights that night
  3. They don’t usually store enough energy to run for any lengthy period of time

Option 3: Get an outdoor power point installed

This tends to be the best option for many people.

A lot of our clients get us to install weatherproof outdoor power points for them, which allows them to connect all of their outdoor lights to a single power source.

Since it’s weatherproof, you’re protected from the elements without any expensive cables.

Since it’s powered, you can run it for as long as you want at night (even having the lights on at 3am if you really want to make a statement/have your neighbours hate you).

And since it’s installed by Faraday Group, you get the benefit of a top quality installation and industry leading warranty.

So if you want to have an AWESOME outdoor Christmas lights display, get in touch!

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