Putting in Outdoor Lights? 7 Reasons to Hire a Professional

Published On: August 15, 2017

As a homeowner, you know your outdoor spaces are just as important as the rooms inside your home. When you decide to upgrade the landscaping around your house, you want to make the space more beautiful, usable and secure.

One of the best and most fundamental ways to improve your outdoors is through strategic lighting. Whether you want the security motion-detecting floodlights provide or the ethereal look of dainty pathway lights, you must first decide how to approach the project.

While many light fixtures allow for some level of do-it-yourself installation, you often get more from your investment if you entrust the project to an electrical or lighting professional. In this blog, we list seven advantages of professional lighting installation.

1. Access to Future Maintenance

Many electrical components require some level of maintenance over the course of their use. When you install lighting yourself, however, it’s often more difficult to get needed maintenance. Not only will you need to find a trustworthy electrician, but you won’t know if there are installation problems until issues arise.

With professional installation, a level of routine maintenance is part of your original package.

2. Decreased Physical Risk

Electrical work comes with a significant physical risk of shock, burns and fires. Trained electricians have the tools and experience necessary to mitigate these risks. Additionally, established electricity companies have you covered when it comes to licensing, insurance and liability.

While it’s possible to install lighting properly without injury, it’s better not to take on the risk yourself.

3. Expert Design and Placement

To end up with beautiful and high-quality outdoor lighting, you must do more than simply install a couple fixtures. The best outdoor lighting works with your landscaping toward a specific purpose, such as ambience or security.

When you work with an electrical professional, you get expert design and placement help to create an aesthetically pleasing and practical yard.

4. Faster Installation Time

If you don’t know a lot about electrical installation, simple tasks can take longer and be more frustrating. Many electrical professionals can finish a lighting project within one or two days. On your own, even the most basic lighting arrangement may take much longer than that.

5. Full Improvement Value

High-quality outdoor lighting can have a significant positive impact on your property value. However, without proper building permits and excellent installation, you might not get the full value if you decide to sell your home in the future.

In fact, if you don’t have the required documentation for electrical renovations, you may not even be able to include your outdoor lighting as a feature in your property listing.

6. High-Quality End Results

If you’ve performed any DIY projects, you know that the results can vary. Amateur lighting installations can result in crooked fixtures, exposed wires and other eyesores through simple mistakes. When you work with a professional, you know that the results will look crisp and clean.

7. Reduced Electrical Issues

In order for your outdoor lights to work properly, they must correctly connect to a power source. Loose wires or fasteners can lead to flickering lights, frequent outages and other issues. Similarly, lighting that overloads your system can contribute to short circuits, blown lightbulbs and increased risk of electrical fires.

While these problems can develop over time regardless of who installs the lighting, you’re more likely to get years of reliable, steady lighting from a professional installation. Your lighting professional can also evaluate your yard and electrical system to help you anticipate future problems.

Reap these benefits when you work with an electrical or lighting professional during your backyard renovation. Work with your trusted Sydney electricians Faraday Group to design, choose and install the lighting you need to optimise your outdoor space.

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