What Makes a Good Electrician

Published On: August 15, 2017

When you’re looking for an electrician to come into your home, you want to make sure that you get someone good. Not only do you want them to be able to do the job at a good price, but poorly done electrical work can put your entire home at risk!

So here’s a few things you can do to find yourself a good electrician:

1. They’re Fully Insured

First and foremost, make sure they’re fully insured (and that it’s current). This should help get you compensation if they do happen to do the wrong thing and cause damage to your home.

2. They’re Qualified

Although the qualifications are much easier to get now when compared to when our business started, it’s still recommended to have a qualified electrician completing the job. If you’re not sure, ask them what kind of qualifications they have.

3. They Have Extra Certifications (like being a Level 2 Electrician)

Any electrician worth their salt is going to have a number of certifications, whether it’s something basic like certification with a certain product, or something major like being a Level 2 Authorised Service Professional. Ask them about their certifications and make sure they’ve got a few.

4. They Have Reviews

An electrician who’s been in business for a while and has helped people, should have a few reviews by now. Look them up online, see what people are saying about them.

5. They Take Safety Seriously

While finding an electrician who can find cost efficient options for you is very useful, make sure they aren’t going to cut corners that could come back to bite you later. As we’ve said before, electricity can be dangerous.

6. They Take Pride In Their Work

We pride ourselves in providing very clean and tidy results for people. From the way we label our switchboards, to how we pour concrete on private power pole installations, we make sure we deliver a quality result. Unfortunately, not all electricians take the same level of care. While both a tidy and untidy option might get your power working, the untidy option is a sign of slippery standards and quality.

The team here at Faraday Group are dedicated to being more than just good – we’re dedicated to being the best expert electricians in Sydney. Give us a call on 02 9809 5299 for more information.

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