Switchboard thermal imaging

As specialists in Sydney, our team of qualified electricians has the training and expertise for professional thermal imaging diagnosis. If you require a fast, non-invasive solution, get in contact with our team today. We’re the best team for the job.

Switchboard Thermal Imaging

For accurate and functional diagnostics, using the correct tools is a must. At Faraday Group, we use the best technology for the job. For instance, effective diagnosis of switchboard issues may require a skilled team with the right equipment. In that case, thermography of electrical panels can provide a quick and effective way to spot problems and provide swift solutions.

What is switchboard thermal imaging?

Switchboard thermal imaging is a non-invasive process used to diagnose issues with switchboards. Firstly, a trained electrician will carry out a visual inspection of the switchboard. Secondly, they will utilise an infrared camera to examine the differences in surface temperature. Thirdly, that information is used to examine significant differences and ‘hot spots’ that may not be visual to the naked eye.


Switchboard thermal imaging

Switch thermal imaging is a valuable tool for two reasons: safety and practicality. As a non-invasive test, there is no risk to carrying out thermal imagine diagnostics. Furthermore, this simple test can quickly reveal what an electrician cannot see usually. Any abnormal temperatures can be spotted quickly, reducing potential costs and preventing disconnection of destruction in the process.

How is electrical thermography used?

Electrical thermography is a technique used to diagnose many electric issues. For example, thermography may be used on machinery to identify faults. Similarly, thermal imaging can be used to identify faulty plugs and fuses in the home. Our services at Faraday Group specialist in electrical thermography for switchboards. We utilise high-quality equipment to identify issues immediately and resolve them as quickly as possible.

What can switchboard thermal imaging show?

Switchboard thermal imaging shows a heat map of an area or item using an infrared camera. The map shows the level of infrared radiation – heat – leaking from a specific part of a switchboard. If thermal imaging shows hot spots, this can signify electric resistance, friction, or equipment failure.

However, thermal imaging is only valuable with a trained team on-site to rectify issues. Our team at Faraday has the experience and knowledge to use thermal imaging effectively to detect and resolve faults and problems.

Why choose Faraday Group?

As an experienced electrician in Sydney, Faraday Group is the ideal choice for electrical diagnostics. Above all, our commitment is to a high standard of service and fast resolution to all electrical issues. The safety of our customers and their property is our number one priority. As a result, we always go the extra mile to deliver a high standard of service for all of our services – including switchboard thermal imaging.

Reliable, professional electricians you can trust

Our highly trained team has the skills and knowledge to use electrical thermography to a professional standard. We have all the necessary equipment in-house to carry out checks quickly and effectively on site. Our team provide a reliable and professional service on-site. In addition, we’ll ensure we have all the necessary equipment to carry out repairs and fixes on the same day, where possible.

Fast response with local Sydney services

As a local Sydney business, we’re able to respond quickly to our customers. In addition to the standard of the work we offer, we also work hard to deliver fast results to maintain the highest safety standards. For example, if you have concerns about a switchboard on-site, we’ll work quickly to carry out diagnostics and make all necessary repairs with no delay.

The latest tools and techniques to carry out a high standard of work

For successful switchboard thermal imaging, the right technology is a must. At Faraday Group, we invest in high-quality equipment to ensure the best results for our customers. Most importantly, we ensure all hardware is calibrated correctly to ensure accurate results on every job. Whether it’s an urgent callout or routine checks, our team always ensures the best standard of service.

Need switchboard thermal imagining in Sydney?

Do you need professional switchboard thermal imaging in Sydney? Get in touch with our team at Faraday Group today. Our team are ready and waiting to carry out diagnostics for your business. Likewise, we’re here when you need us to carry out essential repairs and solve electrical issues. Call us today or drop us a message to find out more about our thermal imaging services.

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