Identify Household Appliances That Use Lots of Electricity

Published On: August 15, 2017

There’s something that costs you quite a bit each year that you might not have even thought about – your household appliances! These appliances are often plugged in and running all the time, so making sure you’re not stuck with an energy “vampire” is a key to power (and money) saving.

1. Look at energy ratings

Modern appliances come with energy rating stickers that explain how energy efficient they are. Higher stars are better, lower stars are definitely not. Often lower priced appliances can be less energy efficient, but if you take your power usage into the equation they end up costing way more over time.

Look at the appliances in your home and see if you have any with really low ratings.

2. Replace those really old appliances

Just like technology improves over time, so does the energy efficiency of your home appliances.

For example, a while back Plasma TVs were the big thing, but then the technology improved to LCD panels and now you can get LED panels. LED technology is lighter and uses a LOT less power than Plasma.

So if you’ve been holding onto an old Plasma TV, or even an old fridge your parents gave you, maybe it’s time to consider a replacement.

3. Install a power monitoring device

One thing to consider is that sometimes your appliances might be faulty and the power draw might end up higher than what it should be. Except… you have no way of knowing when this is the case!

So the game changer here is to install power monitoring devices. These bad boys monitor the usage of your appliances and let you know how much power they’re REALLY using.

You might even find your 4 star fridge is performing more like your 1 star dryer.

We supply and install a range of power monitoring devices, so if you want to reduce your power usage contact your expert electrician in Sydney, Faraday Group.

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