How a Commercial Electrician Can Help Your Business Succeed

Published On: September 9, 2020

How a Commercial Electrician Can Help Your Business Succeed

If your business has a commercial property, your electrical system plays a critical role in your daily operations. Without a safe and reliable electrical system, your business can experience interruptions, could put your team members at risk, and potentially violate work health and safety standards.

Working with the right commercial electrician can help you create a safe working environment. Here are some of the ways a commercial electrician can support your business.

1. Energy Efficiency

A professional commercial electrician can find ways to improve the energy efficiency of your building. Being energy efficient means maximising output while minimising waste of power. By using energy-efficient wiring, lighting, and components, businesses are able to use less power while still keeping everything fully-functional.

Increasing energy efficiency and sustainability can lead to many benefits for your business including enhancing your business’ performance and improving your bottom line due to reduced operating costs.

Many consumers value companies with sustainable practices, meaning improvements in energy efficiency can also be framed in a positive light that improves your brand reputation.

2. Circuit Breaker Testing

A professional electrician can conduct circuit breaker testing that is designed to evaluate your switching system and how your tripping structure is programmed overall. This type of test is essential in ensuring the safe and reliable performance of your circuit breakers.

The circuit breakers around your business’ premises are responsible for conducting electricity currents and insulation between contacts. They also quickly disconnect the fault current when there is a fault, helping to protect your equipment.

This protection is important, as circuit breakers can experience major faults such as short circuits in coils and can become worn down over time. Regular testing by a commercial electrician can detect and prevent these issues before they cause serious equipment damage, injuries to personnel, or business interruptions.

3. Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is a common feature in buildings and commercial sites around the world. These systems help reduce the risk of damage and injury from lightning by directing the current away from your commercial site. While the chances of lightning striking your building may seem low, the damage to equipment from a single strike can be severe. This protective system can also prevent structural damage and fires related to lightning.

The system usually features the following components:

  • Rod or air terminal
  • Lightning cable to carry the current from the rod to the ground
  • Grounds rods which are buried in the earth for a safe electrical discharge around the building

These systems don’t attract lightning so implementing them won’t increase the likelihood of a strike. Be aware that while these systems can help prevent structural damage and other hazards, they often don’t provide surge protection so you’ll want to make sure to use surge protection tools on your equipment.

4. Testing And Tagging

Testing and tagging is a preventative measure to ensure that your business’ electrical appliances are safe to operate. Commercial electricians will perform a visual check to search for damage before using specialist appliance equipment to individually test each device. When testing is completed, the electrician will place a tag on the appliance signifying that is safe to use. Tags will also specify a recommended date for the next test.

Testing and tagging is essential to maintaining a safe work environment for your employees. It provides your team with a clear picture of which devices are safe to use and it also reduces the risk of electrical shocks and accidents. The procedure is mandatory for industries that regularly use specialist equipment, such as construction, demolition, and mining.

5. Lighting Control

The lighting in your business’ building could account for upwards of 60% of your electricity bill. Working with a professional electrician for better control of your lighting can result in considerable cost savings for your business. Here are just a few of the ways a licensed electrician could help you lower your lighting costs:

  • Upgrade your wall switches
  • Install scheduled controls to automatically turn-off lights during after work hours
  • Install sensor-activated dimming systems

A commercial electrician can also make sure the system uses the correct lighting load capacity, grounding features, and short-circuit protection for safety.

The control system can be updated for a better fit for different areas of your workspace. For instance, offices, hallways, and presentation rooms may each have varying lighting requirements. With an optimised light control system in place, your business will reduce its costs, enhance its utility, and provide a more comfortable and productive environment for your employees.

6. Proper Wiring And Electrical Infrastructure

When you work with a licensed commercial electrician you can be confident that all wiring and electrical infrastructure are installed properly. This can lead to several benefits including a faster internet connection. As a result, your business will experience faster download times, an increase in data transfer rates, and an overall increase in office productivity. This will also allow your business to handle high bandwidth activities such as videoconferencing with ease.


As a business owner, running your business requires your full attention. The last thing you need is an electrical issue that brings your business to a halt–or worse–causes harm to your team members. Working with a professional licensed electrician helps save you money while providing a safe and efficient environment for you and your employees.

If you’re looking for a Sydney electrician, Faraday Group has the experience and expertise to help with your commercial electrical needs. We assist both large and small businesses including those operating offices, warehouses, retail centers, data centers, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial electrical services.

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