Comprehensive Vehicle & People Counting Solutions in Sydney

Here at Faraday Group, we are proud to provide you with an extensive range of people and vehicle counting products and systems. These solutions are perfect for helping to professionally manage your store, shop, car park, amenities or any place where foot traffic monitoring may come in handy.
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The benefits

Our people counting services here in Sydney can help you and your business effectively monitor the success of your various promotional and marketing campaigns, as well as providing you with the information you need to design better rostering systems and manage staff more efficiently.  

There are no limits to the benefits of taking advantage of our comprehensive people counting systems.  Basically, if you need to analyse and report visitor traffic or understand the movement and flow of people, we have the perfect solution for you. 

faraday group trafficpro insight pathintelligence queueassist beonic media
Supply, installation and upgrade of new people counting system throughout the Henry Deane Plaza which included additional entrances that were on the client’s wish list.
We were able to provide a solution by making customized brackets to suit their environment which they haven’t been able to count passing traffic in the past

Our extensive range of counting solutions include

Traffic Pro

This is an industry leading people counting application which is used to analyse and report visitor traffic.

Traffic Insight

This is a more sophisticated analytics and reporting application offering a flexible database and web-based data-mining.

Path Intelligence

This is a revolutionary solution to analyse and understand the movement, flow, and dwell time of people using mobile phone technology.

Queue Assist

This is a queue management and customer assistance solution with built-in analytics and reporting.

Beonic Media

This is a web-based digital media distribution and content management system that adds power and flexibility to promotions.


from Client, Shopping Centre in Bankstown, south-western of Sydney CBD

"The Faraday Group designed and installed a traffic counting system for our regional shopping centre located in western Sydney. This system has enabled us to monitor the visitation to the Centre and measure the success of specific marketing campaigns. Their after sales service has been excellent with repairs and maintenance  ... attended to swiftly and efficiently."
For professional and comprehensive people counting solutions in Sydney, call Faraday Group on 02 9809 5299  today!
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