Expert General & Level 2 Electricans in Sydney 

With over 50 years’ experience providing quality electrical services and expert level 2 service to clients throughout Sydney, our personalised service is the very best in the industry.

From the installation of a socket outlet, to the implementation of a total electrical service solution, our expert team of Level 2 electricians in Sydney have the specialist skills and experience to provide a complete range of electrical services for you.

We can offer dedicated project management from start to finish, ensuring the efficient completion of your project, no matter how big or small the task.

faraday group energylogger

Our electrical services include

  • Commercial & industrial electrical services
  • Design
  • Power
  • Switchboards
  • Level 2 ASP
  • Tenancy metering
  • Exit and emergency lighting, including periodical testing and reporting
  • Ewis systems maintenance
  • Fire detection, including emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Underground/overhead cabling, including trenchless technology
  • Test tagging
  • Power analysis
  • Thermoscan switchboard identification
  • Occupational health and safety testing
  • Project management
  • Total electrical service solution
  • Building maintenance services
  • Metering
  • Fire systems
  • And more - contact us with your query!

We are proud to have a third party quality assurance certification (BSI. ISO 9001-2008), in addition to holding our team to the highest standards of customer satisfaction. 

Energy logging is an additional service to Faraday Group’s clients

Discover where you’re wasting energy, optimize your facility’s energy use and reduce your bill. The Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Electrical Energy logger introduces a new simplicity to discovering sources of electrical energy waste.

Discover when and where energy in your facility is being consumed; from the service entrance to individual circuits. The purpose of this tool is to provide Accurate Energy consumption data which can be measured and recorded over periods as short as a business day or for a whole week for results requiring a better picture of your facilities power consumption.

Profiling energy usage across your facility helps you identify opportunities for energy savings, and provides you with the data you need to act on them. Our Fluke equipment allows us to present your measurements in a report that can be used for such things as Maximum Demand of an existing premises.


from Client in Lindfield, Sydney

"I should advise that Faraday's did a very good job and minimised our inconvenience substantially. This is a good company and I recommend them. We should use them in future and I suggest you evaluate them for your own accreditation".

from Client in Epping, North Sydney

"Thank you for getting John out earlier today to repair our electrical system  It was a delight dealing with such a knowledgeable, well spoken and well presented young man.

Regards, Bob"

For expert electrical services in Sydney, call Faraday Group on  02 9809 5299  for your free quote today!
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