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Queue Assist is a queue management and customer assistance solution with built-in analytics and reporting. Based on real-time customer traffic, management can open or close queues with the Queue Management Console (QMC).

Queue Assist incorporates Beonic TVTM to display instructions and promotional messages to customers waiting for service. It interfaces third party ticketing systems to provide a vibrant and wholly integrated functional service that customers love and enjoy.

Our professional team will work with you to tailor the QMC (Queue Management Console) so customers can select the service required, after which Queue Assist will provide the automated intelligence to prioritise low cost-to-serve vs. customer experience as required. Queue Assist can be fully integrated with Traffic Insight’s comprehensive suite of reports to monitor service performance against benchmarks.

Queue Assist Features

  • Queue Management Console is the control centre for opening and closing service lanes
  • Queue Assist incorporates Beonic Media for clear digital signage to customers
  • SMS or pager alerts
  • Integration with Traffic Insight
  • Integration with third party ticketing systems
  • Export of data
  • Automated report distribution
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Queue Assist Benefits

The Queue Assist solution enables you to balance competing demands of:

  • Improved customer service and experience
  • Optimised level of staffing with reduced labour costs
  • Effective communication with customer
  • Establishment of service benchmarks
To find out more about Queue Assist, call Faraday Group on 02 9809 5299  today!
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