Consider the premium Path Intelligence solution from Sydney's experts

Path Intelligence’s FootPath is a revolutionary solution to analyse and understand the movement, flow, and dwell time of people using mobile phone technology.

FootPath is the ultimate breakthrough retail solution. It can gather information on pedestrian flow and dwell time on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using patent pending mobile phone tracking technology.

There are many applications for FootPath including shopping centres, large format retailers, transportation hubs and entertainment arenas. Understanding how people are moving around a space provides a whole range of actionable insights.

The FootPath solution provides a wealth of different reports in a variety of formats, customised to provide the insights you are after.

Path Intelligence Features

The following metrics are provided as standard:

  • Visitor numbers by hour, day, week and month
  • Visitor type (e.g. shopper, local worker, walk-through, leisure seeker)
  • Dwell times by day, week and month
  • Distribution of dwell (how many stay under 30mins, 1-2hrs etc.)
  • Frequency of visit
  • Shopper hours
  • Heat map - a map of the centre colour coded to show the most/least visited areas of the map

Path Intelligence Benefits


  • Improve your retail tenancy mix and attract more shoppers to your centre
  • Maximise the revenue from tenant stores by optimising the layout of the centre


  • Optimise the price of retail lettings by understanding the impact of a store's position on its rent per square meter
  • Target potential tenants for empty lots by understanding which stores visitors consider complementary
  • Reduce rental disputes by using localised traffic data
  • Present tenants with actual shopper movement to demonstrate traffic past the site and linkages between complementary retailers


  • Optimise staffing levels according to visitor flow in specific areas of your space to enhance customer service and reduce costs
  • Reduce visitor bottlenecks by understanding people flow at peak times
  • Optimise maintenance schedules by understanding common visitor routes


  • Quantify the value of particular promotions or centre events
  • Optimise the price of advertising space within your space
  • Increase value from your marketing spend by more specifically targeting your advertising and promotions
  • Attract new revenue through sponsorship, advertising and on-mall trading with proof of potential customer exposure
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