Smart Go Park parking solutions from Sydney's specialists

Go Park is a smart parking guidance and customer information system that reduces car park congestion and improves customer satisfaction, control, and returns.

Go Park proactively directs drivers to vacant car spaces as efficiently as possible. The system incorporates digital signage and a comprehensive suite of reports to assist car park managers in monitoring car park performance.

Why use Go Park?

As shopping centres grow, car parks get busier and it is harder for patrons to find a space quickly. It becomes more likely for shoppers to find themselves circulating the car park instead of the shopping malls. There are only 2 options to fix this: centre owners can either improve car park performance or they build very expensive and capital intensive new facilities.

The ultimate frustration for shopping centres is that drivers think the car park is full but there are ample spaces in many areas. Go Park is a real time way to communicate this information intelligently, reliably, and in a manner that is easily understood by drivers.

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Go Park consists of

  • Car space sensors
  • LED indicator lights for each space
  • Beonic Media
  • Software and professional services to make it all work

Go Park Features

  • Real-time data collection occupancy and analytics
  • Automated traffic flow guidance
  • Integration with Building Management Systems
  • Dynamic message displays
  • Robust and vandal resistant sensors, indicator lights, and display monitors
  • Integration with Beonic Media for customer promotional message displays
  • Integration with Beonic’s Traffic Insight for traffic analysis

Go Park Benefits

Increases shopper satisfaction

  • Increase shopper loyalty
  • Increase time spent shopping
  • Reduce complaints
  • Reduce chance of accidents
  • Brightens dull car parks

Improve control and returns

  • Increase car park utilisation
  • Increase turnover and throughput
  • Optimise car park staffing levels
  • Decrease required ventilation
  • BMS integration
  • Improve analysis and reporting
  • Integrate people counting data
  • Integrate flexible digital signage
  • Increase sales
  • Increase efficiency and capacity
  • Integrate promotional and advertising messages
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