Experience Beonic Media's powerful solutions for Sydney businesses

Beonic Media is a web-based digital media distribution and content management system that adds power and flexibility to promotions.

The Beonic Media solution consists of Beonic Media player units and the Beonic Media content management software. Together, they deliver synchronised, high-resolution signage to a network, or wall, of digital screens. The result is a dazzling display of high impact communication and marketing that you control.

The videos or still images you wish to display are easily managed, scheduled and organised using the Beonic Media content management software. Combined with Beonic’s capabilities to consolidate traffic and sales data, organisations have the power to measure the enhanced effectiveness of communications.

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Beonic Media Features

  • Enterprise or hosted
  • Easily managed in corporate WAN and LAN environments
  • Centralised content management system
  • Ability to inject structured data into displayed messages
  • Integration with Traffic Insight
  • Configurable for multiple schedules and play lists
  • Remote support
  • Reliable fanless/solid state

Beonic Media Benefits

  • Increase sales by delivering more effective promotional messages
  • Increase productivity by centrally managing and automating the delivery of digital signage throughout a network of branches
  • Improve controls with reduced outside agency fees
  • Reduce carbon footprint and wastage of traditional signage
To find out more about Beonic Media, call Faraday Group on 02 9809 5299  today!
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